Mission - Motto - Philosophy

Union Hill ISD Mission Statement:
The mission of Union Hill I.S.D. is to provide quality educational opportunities and resources to all students equally and to teach skills required to pursue a higher education or to enter into the diverse, ever-changing society.  A comprehensive curriculum will be taught with strong emphasis on good citizenship, social skills, and problem-solving skills.

Strong emphasis will be placed on high expectations, mutual respect, and life-long learning for all students, PK through grade 12, to achieve their full potential.

Parents, teachers, administrators, school board, and community will work together to reach our goals and to ensure a safe environment conducive to learning.

"Striving for Excellence in all Academic Areas"
"We believe that all students can/will learn to think!"

Union Hill ISD Philosophy Statement:
Union Hill ISD is committed to providing and structuring resources to enable each student to develop his or her maximum potential.  A complementary belief is that each student has the responsibility to make full utilization of the resources provided.  The campus is committed to offering a full array of options for student, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Each program of study is important; within each option, teachers, students, and parents alike are striving for excellence.

Union Hill ISD is a dynamic and changing school organization that recognizes and serves the needs of the different cultural groups in the community with equity and excellence in all program offerings.