Q: Can my child retest if he/she fails a test?
A: With the exception of 6wks tests, semester/final exams, and benchmarks, your child may retest the day after our review, either before school, during Bulldog Study, or after school ONLY. Please be aware, if he/she retests after school, a parent will need to pick up the child after the test. Also, please be advised that the retest may be more challenging than the original, as it may be extended response and/or essay.

Q: Will my child have homework in your class?
A: Occasionally. As the need arises, I will assign homework. Typically, my homework consists of an assignment the student did not finish earlier that day and needs to complete that evening. 

Q: Is my child expected to read library books and take Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes in your class?
A: Yes. I encourage and expect your child to be reading independently each day throughout each six weeks' period. A week before the end of each six weeks, your child is expected to have already taken one AR test over his/her library book. These tests are varied and located in a cup on my desk. The students draw a test from the cup, as needed, and complete the task on the slip of paper. That task represents the AR test, and that test is a major test grade for the six weeks.   

Q: Are tutorials offered for my child if he/she is struggling?
A: Yes. I am available for tutorials Tues./Thurs. mornings before school from 7:30 - 7:50.

Q: Can my child turn in work for extra credit?
A: No. Extra Credit will not be assigned nor accepted.