Dr. Gretchenn Adkins

sons and meScience.png
Welcome back to school! My name is Gretchenn Adkins.
I am new to the district and super excited to be here! This is my 18th year to teach. Science and education are my passions- along with spending time with my family, running, hiking, kayaking, reading, camping, and volunteering with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. I have a Doctoral degree in educational leadership from SFA, a Masters in curriculum and instruction, a Bachelors in education, and a Bachelors in biology/chemistry. 
Some of my biggest goals for this year are to build positive relationships with my students and their families, to encourage every student to learn at a new depth, and to inspire students to love to learn. Please contact me if you need help or have questions. My email is [email protected] 

I will be sending home a welcome letter with details about what will be covered in class. The supply list is the same for each class:

1 1/2 “Binder (3 ring)

Notebook paper

Pocket dividers


Glue or tape

Colored pencils

*Optional: Post-it notes

                   Index Cards

*I have supplies available if you would like to use what I have.

*I do not require a specific set of supplies to be used exclusively in my room.

*Notebooks may be left in my room or taken home. However, I recommend having a homework folder to take home necessary papers so that you do not overload your backpack- or lose all of your ‘stuff’.