About Me

    I believe everyone has a calling in life, and there is no doubt that my calling is to teach ELA at Union Hill ISD. My goal is to prepare each of my students with the life skills needed to help them identify their calling and successfully fill that calling.
    I believe the key to unlocking any good classroom lesson is making it fun and making it high interest. If the students are engaged in a lesson because it interests them and are participating in a way that actively involves them, then I have them right where I want them----in a position to learn. This is the environment I strive to produce in my classroom day after day. 
    My motto as a teacher is "Be Firm and Be Fair." My students see that lived out in me, and I expect nothing less than the best behavior from them. I hold my students to a high standard because they need that, and they appreciate that. I am so blessed to be a part of this family called Union Hill ISD.       

    James Qualls